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About Sherry Davidson, Davidson's Interiors

Remodeling? Or just de-cluttering? Sherry Davidson has been helping people do both for almost 30 years. Her secret: encouraging clients to hone an interior design style that feels comfortable. No project is too big or too small. She has helped people design their dream homes or just organize their closets. She’s re-decorated and profesionally organized more homes than she can count – including many of her own!

Sherry really enjoys teaming up with people who have never worked with a professional interior designer or decorator, helping them navigate the maze of unexpected decisions that come with building a new home or sprucing up an existing one. She will walk you through the finer points of color, texture, space and light, and she knows her paints, fabrics and fixtures. But perhaps more importantly, she knows which décor & furniture manufacturers ship early and which ones ship late and which fabrics hold up over time. And she’s happy to steer you away from Chippendale when Pottery Barn will do.

This Charlotte native got her start in the retail field more than 40 years ago in New York City and migrated through Chicago to Seattle where she opened a high-end gift and home furnishings store. She started Davidson’s Interiors in 1994 to formalize work that she had been doing for years, transplanting the business to Asheville more than a decade ago when she traded the big city for the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Her goal is to make your house your home, with a style that suits the space.

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